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Discover the Wonders of the Razès, Aude, France

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Nestled in the heart of the Aude department in the Occitanie region of southern France, the Razès is a hidden gem brimming with natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor adventure. Whether you're an avid hiker, a bird-watching enthusiast, or simply looking to unwind amidst stunning landscapes, the Razès offers something for everyone. Here are some must-do activities in nature that will make your visit unforgettable.

The Wonders of the Razès

The Razès is a rural area in the Aude département of Occitanie (formerly Languedoc Roussillon). It's about 90 km inland of the Mediterranean coast, 90 km north of the Pyrenees and just 25 minutes south of Carcassonne.


Buried in the heart of the Pays Cathare, the Razès are characterised by a beautiful, rolling landscape decorated with hills and dales, valleys and peaks, rivers and streams. There are vineyards, woods and old villages dotted throughout. Copses of oak and pine are dotted everywhere contributing to an ever-changing display of deciduous versus evergreen.

Local walks afford magnificent views of the Malepère Massif and the Corbières region to the east, the spectacular Pyrenees to the south and the Montagne Noire and the Minervois to the north. 


Hiking the Trails

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The Razès region boasts a network of well-marked trails that cater to all levels of hikers. One of the most popular routes is the Sentier Cathare (Cathar Trail), which offers breathtaking views of the Pyrenees and takes you through historic sites like the Château de Montségur. For a more relaxed walk, the trails around the Lac de La Pène and Bellegarde provide scenic lake views and a chance to spot local wildlife.


"The Sentier Cathare is a journey through time and nature, offering both challenging hikes and serene landscapes" (


Exploring the Lac de Montbel and the Lac de Puivert


The Lac de Montbel, a large artificial lake, is a haven for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Here, you can enjoy activities such as kayaking, sailing, and fishing. The lake's surrounding areas are perfect for picnicking, and the clear waters are inviting for a refreshing swim during the warmer months. The Lac de Puivert is a smaller lake situated at the base of the Pyrenees just six kilometres away. A perfect spot for swimming, perhaps a spot of lunch or even a visit to the Château de Puivert.


"Lac de Montbel is a picturesque spot for outdoor activities, combining natural beauty with a range of recreational options" (Aude Tourism).
lac de montbel

Bird Watching from the Crêtes d'Hounoux and the Etang de Marseillette


Perching aloft a peaceful landscape of meadows filled with orchids and dotted by copses of oak, the Crêtes d'Hounoux not only give stunning views of the Pyrenees, they also provide an idyllic spot from which to view the prolific birds of prey, among which the Pyrenean Vultures and Short-Toed or Snake Eagles are frequently spotted.

A little further away towards Carcassonne, the Etang de Marseillette, a tranquil pond near the village of Marseillette, is also a paradise for bird watchers. The diverse ecosystem supports a variety of bird species, making it an ideal spot for observing herons, egrets, and other waterfowl. Bring your binoculars and enjoy the serene environment as you watch these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.


"Etang de Marseillette offers a peaceful retreat for bird enthusiasts, with its rich avian diversity and scenic surroundings" (LPO Aude).

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Cycling Through Vineyards and Villages


Cycling is a fantastic way to explore the rolling hills and picturesque vineyards of the Razès. The region's quiet country roads and voies vertes (cycling paths) provide routes that are both scenic and enjoyable. Stop by local vineyards In Belvèze du Razès or Routier to sample some of the area's renowned wines or enjoy lunch and enjoy the charm of small French villages along the way.


"Cycling in the Razès is a delightful experience, combining exercise with the pleasure of discovering local wines and charming villages" (Lonely Planet).


Discovering the Sentier de Couleurs at Rennes-le-Château


For those seeking a slightly more rugged adventure, walking the 13 kilometre Sentier de Couleurs trail offers a more dramatic landscape as it circles around and looks over steep cliffs and canyons. This natural wonder is perfect for hiking and rock climbing, providing both challenging climbs and spectacular views. The cliffs and canyons are home to a variety of flora and fauna, making it a great spot for nature photography.


"Sentier des lumières et des couleurs : le blanc des falaises de calcaire, le rouge sang des terres, le vert des prairies et des arbres, les bleus du ciel et des montagnes, l'odeur des pins et les vents qui portent loin nos rêves lorsque s'admirent les panoramas exceptionnels" (Visorando).


Visiting the Thermal Town of Alet-les-Bains

Alet-les-Bains is a picturesque village located just south of Limoux, known for its Abbey of Notre-Dame d'Alet (a powerful Benedictine monastery in the 9th century) and its thermal springs which have been used for their therapeutic properties since Roman times. The thermal baths were especially popular during the 19th century and, still today, the open air swimming pool is open in the height of summer. Alet-les-Bains borders the Aude river making it a popular destination for hiking, fishing and canoeing.


"Its impressive vestiges of beautiful ochre sandstone read like a vast art book in which Romanesque and Gothic elements blend" (TourismeLimoux).



The Razès, Aude, is a destination that promises a myriad of outdoor activities amidst stunning natural settings. Whether you are hiking historical trails, exploring serene lakes, or cycling through vineyards, the region offers endless opportunities to connect with nature and experience the tranquility of the French countryside. So pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots, and get ready to discover the natural wonders of the Razès.






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Each of these sources offers valuable insights into the attractions and natural beauty of the Razès, ensuring your visit will be both enjoyable and memorable.

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