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Rewilding the Soul

De-stress, find inner peace, and achieve holistic wellness

  • 30 euros

Service Description

Rewilding the soul is about taking you out of your ego-driven thinking mind into awareness of and relaxed presence in your Soul Self. It's about freeing yourself of invasive mind-chatter and learning to live your life anchored in the true joy and happiness that are already residing in the depths of your being through exploring different ways of mindfully harnessing your awareness through each of your six senses, in different internal and external environments, to see which work best in finding your inner voice. Dr Li's research also showed that when people listen to the sounds of nature (birds, water, wind, etc.), they turn their attention outwards and feel restored and de-stressed almost immeditaely. What's more, geosmin is the earthy smell in the soil that humans react to positively as it leaves us feeling revived, particularly after a walk in a wet forest. Negative ions in the air and water similarly give us an energy buzz and feel-good factor. By tapping into the stimuli which work best for you, you can increase your connectivity with nature enhancing your capacity to self-heal, push back the boundaries to discover the Soul Self beyond the Mind Self and uncover the re-wilded you to integrate into your daily lifestyle and way of being. This is a private session that allows individuals to immerse themselves in nature and try various techniques to de-stress, find inner peace, and achieve holistic wellness.

Contact Details

  • 10 Rue du 26 aout 1789, Escueillens-et-Saint-Just-de-Bélengard, France


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