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Past Life Regression - In-House

Delving into your past lives

  • 40 euros

Service Description

Past life regression (PLR) is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. PLR can help uncover personal stories that help to explain who you are and past life issues that may be affecting you today. It can also help you to: understand or gain clarity on your life's purpose, access your inner wisdom/higher self, overcome a fear of death/dying, heal physical, mental or emotional symptoms associated with a past life, release karma, and reconnect you with your true essence. Based on the theory that your reactions and the way you respond to problems are based on the past, PLR is a holistic therapy that works with you as a whole - that's to say, body, mind, emotions and soul. This also means that if, for example, you have an issue or problem that seems not to have a direct cause, you may not be able to uncover the ‘source’ of the problem by delving into the present life alone. Rather, regression hypnotherapy can help release blocked emotions and/or traumatic experiences stored deep within the subconscious emanating from one or more previous lifetimes, thereby bringing relief and healing to the mind, body and soul in the present lifetime and preventing carrying any karmic residue forward into another lifetime.

Contact Details

  • 10 Rue du 26 aout 1789, Escueillens-et-Saint-Just-de-Bélengard, France

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