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Guided Meditations

Indoor & outdoor meditation & mindfulness sessions

  • 20 euros

Service Description

We offer different forms of meditation (Tonglen, Ho'oponopono, Loving Kindness, Vipassana, ...) so that you get to experience what works best for you - we also offer the opportunity to meditate indoors or outdoors since both have their specific advantages. Walking, standing and laying down meditation offer a healthy alternative to sitting meditation while achieving the same benefits. All forms of meditation practice are known to be: as effective as antidepressant medications, improve sleep, uplift moods, ease pain, and improve overall wellbeing. Outdoor meditation has you engage all your senses in mindfully observing the grace and beauty of the natural world wherever you choose to sit or stand in nature, be it in the woods, near a lake or up a hill. Connecting with the natural wonders that you encounter visually, audibly and sensuously help you become more mindful and appreciative of the beauty that surrounds you. When you can appreciate the beauty of your outer world, you quickly come to realise this is but a reflection of the beauty of your inner world. Spending time mindfully in nature gently helps you re-balance and heal the body, mind, and soul. Mindfulness meditation focuses on being present in the moment and cultivating awareness of sensations, thoughts, and emotions. Vipassana or insight meditation aims to go beyond by delving into insight and understanding the nature of reality. With this method, you practice self-observation by focusing on your inner self in a nonjudgmental way. Like other forms of meditation, Vipassana is beneficial for both your mind and body. Body scanning is one of the most effective ways to begin an insight meditation practice, the purpose being to tune into the body to reconnect with the physical self, noticing any sensations and feelings without judgement. Using Vipassana to achieve total body relaxation is known to: decrease blood pressure, ease chronic pain and muscle tension, increase energy and mental health as the relaxation triggers a favourable parasympathetic response in the nervous system. With a little practise, this method helps you to tune in more easily to your body's signals and demands so you can understand and work with the body, thus benefiting and improving your mind-body health and balance.

Contact Details

  • 10 Rue du 26 aout 1789, Escueillens-et-Saint-Just-de-Bélengard, France


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