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Shinrin Yoku

Forest bathing and grounding techniques

  • 30 euros

Service Description

The Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku mostly famously researched by Dr Qing Li reveals that exposure to plant chemicals known as phytoncides: significantly increases the number of NK (Natural Killer) cells, NK activity and anti-cancer protein activity which all boost the immune system; significantly decreases stress hormone levels (increases parasympathetic nervous activity); increases hours of sleep; decreases tension, anxiety, anger and fatigue; stimulates a good mood; significantly lowers blood pressure and heart rate. The Mycobacterium Vaccae (M Vaccae) found in soil also boosts the immune system which makes us feel happier. Similarly, trees filter pollutants making the air we breathe cleaner. Practising mindfulness walking, standing and sitting meditation in the local forests and woods helps put us firmly back in touch with the elements that feed and purify us both quickly and easily. The earth is scientifically proven to help grounding - also known as earthing - when humans make an electrical connection to the earth’s energies. The simplest form involves walking barefoot in the grass, dirt, or sand. Humans are bioelectrical beings that carry a positive charge which can build up in our bodies. The earth has a negative charge. When we make contact through grounding, we discharge our excess energy, producing a healing effect at the cellular level. Practising standing or walking meditation barefoot outdoors therefore quickly helps us re-establish our mind, body, soul equilibrium so we feel refreshed, energised and balanced.

Contact Details

  • 10 Rue du 26 aout 1789, Escueillens-et-Saint-Just-de-Bélengard, France

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